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Livin in a lie

Get up in the mornin, look in the mirror and tell myself, I’m fine. Hide my tears, cause I’m so broken inside. Workin harder then I should, just to forget how I feel. Workin longer then I should, just to stay away from home, where my memories at. I’m so tired to play allright, I’m so tired to fool myself. Wont you come to me at night, hurtin and hurtin me again? Begin for ya, cryin for ya. All you did was lie to me. Wearin a mask, doin a show, nothing’s true. I was preserving my heart in a chest, so no one can hurt me, see my disease. No one should see, how I really suffer. No one should see, how strange I am. How irrational my mind is. Hide my little world, cause they would call it the damnation. But you were so close to me, cause we are the same. It hurts so much, it destroys me. You ain’t the first, who bring me tears, but you are the first who read my scars. And now you left my dieing, without saying a word. I got more inside of me, you’ll ever know and I pray so hard, it will be me in the end. How should I life with you, care for you for all my life. Only love can turn in this kind of hate and it burns us till the end of our lifetime.
21.9.09 21:13


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