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In better Days

I’m lying on the bathroom floor, monkey on my back and you’re not around. Prayin god would take me home. Just wanna leave this place, just wanna leave my life. I’m runnin only for the next line, only for the next cut. My whole life disappears, losin control and I feel lost again. Got a hole inside of me, that turns into ache. Feels like I carry the whole world on my shoulders, everybody come to me, I give my best, but it will never be enough. Always want more, always pushin me… When you look into my eyes, you give me the feelin only my father could give me before; I thank god for your existence and I love you just the way you are. When you hold me in your arms, I feel so complete and I know, I don’t have to prove you anything, cause you know me. You know my wars, I’m fightin inside. You see the ache inside my heart. One touch, one word, one look and all my pain’s erased. At night, when I wake up with tears in my eyes and I’d lost myself in that universe everybody call soul, I feel you lying next to me. I hear you breathin slowly and peaceful. Only your appearance bring me back and this painful hole inside of me disappear, like it had never exist. I love you more, than you’ll ever know. To leave your arms, hurts me more than you’ll ever suppose. You’re so amazing, you’ll never believe.
21.9.09 21:24


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