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Black 13

How many times I wished death took my life away. My heart bleeds since I know the truth about my derivation; thought that maybe death can stop the ache. How many times I wished, the vampires come and make me live forever. Darkness is around me, since the day I was born and I prayed so many times, they can turn it into pleasure. Oh god, I prayed so hard for the Black 13.

My wishes won’t come true, but the day comes, I met you. You said, you want me with all my faults, all my feelings, all my visions. Your hands are cold as ice, but your heart burns for me like a candle and give me the warmth I need and missed my whole life.

I wanted to open my mind for you; so afraid you’ll walk away from the cruelness of my being. I tried to open my heart for you; so afraid you’ll walk away from the hate I feel for my derivation.
But you wipe off my doubts and I let you go deeper in my mind, then no one before. So afraid you loose yourself in my cruellest memories and darkest visions of live. So afraid it will deform your mind forever. My heart tells me that I do not right. Tells me that you can never feel like you did before and the last thing I wanna do, is change you in any way.

After that inner fight I’ve lost, I give myself to you and let you discoverin my own little world and you prove me your love with your tears of condolence. As I open myself for your curiosity, I saw into your interior and recognize you are my fate, the Black 13 I distorted for all of my life. I start to realize, that this love isn’t an uncertain feeling in our fickle heart. This love will last as long as we want her to last.

I never wanna see you cry, except you cry for me.
Your heart may never bleed, cause it’s my Black 13.
I never wanted to crumble your mind with my essence, cause I can’t stop your decay.

Side on side we walk alone trough this cold world of darkness, where death and heartless reign. The sun shines on our faces; the bird sings their song about a better land. War is so far away but we smell the scent of confuse souls lost their lives in Iraq and don’t know where to go. I don’t worry about the darkness as long as you show me the path back to you. Let us stay in our dream and never wake up again, my sweet Black 13.
17.12.05 22:37


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