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Only the darkness shared the tears with me and I was so dead inside my bizarre world of heartache, till the day you stepped in my life with your light. Now, life can’t hold me down, cause I can look up at all. Pain is just a shadow in my heart and someday, there will be nothing left of it. The fog won’t fade away and the memories of pain still holing on me, but I’m strong. Don’t ever worry about me; I’ll never crumble as long you’ll be there.

From everything I love, it’s you, who I need. Of all tears I cried, only the tears for you will matter in the end. Of all the ghosts who can cut me, it’s your pretty appearance who’ll be the one who can cut me deepest and can left a wound without healing till my last day arrives.

If you feel down, your world starts to crumble and your faith begin to fade, a bitter side effect of life all people like us going through, just hold on me. If the darkness around you, try to catch, let me give you the light to see, like you did before for me.

I open myself for you, let you see the ruins of my black heart. I told you everything about my dark childhood and all you did was listen and your love heal so much.
You said, that I was down so many times, but I never gave up, I always held on.
The only reason, I can take everything how it comes, is the vision of a better life. Without sufferin, without shadows, without my demons....
2.10.07 17:13


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